Tattoo Tequila
Tequila Made by Artists… Not Actors

Small Batch Organic Blanco Tequila from Tattoo Tequila

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Organic Tequila

Made from some of the finest Agave in Jalisco, MX. Tattoo’s signature tequila’s feature the finest styles of Blanco, Reposado and Anejo Tequilas.

Tattoo Organic Tequila
Grammy Nominated Rock Group Bones UK

Tattoo Tequila is a Proud Sponsor of Bones UK.

We feature the band in our Inked Magazine Print ad spreads and commercials on the Inked Magazine Social Media platform reaching followers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The “Bones UK” was Grammy Nominated for “Best Rock Performance” for their hit single, “Pretty Waste” and was featured in the Tattoo Tequila Video Ads.

$50,000 Margarita

Come ride over and experience the world’s richest Margarita, “Bloody Delicious” Made with Tattoo’s Organic Reposado + Blood Orange Juice and oh, yeah… a Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special!

Fifty Thousand Dollar Margarita
Tequila John Atanasio
Meet Tattoo Tequila

Tequila John

Tattoo Tequila CEO, “Tequila John” Atanasio (a Maui resident) set out 8 years ago with the goal of crafting a “Super Premium Tequila” that would use the highest grade of organic Blue Weber Agave available in the World and to use the best ingredients available to develop “The Champagne of Tequilas.” Tattoo Tequila today has legitimate brand positioning as a leader in the Craft Spirits sector.

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