Anthony Moman named as an Official Artist

Tattoo Tequila – “The Official Tequila” of the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally™ proudly announces their official endorsement of internationally recognized Pop Artist Anthony Moman and names him as an Official Artist of Tattoo Tequila.

To celebrate Tattoo Tequila’s inaugural sponsorship of the most iconic biker rally in the world, artist Anthony Moman was commissioned to create the painting, Skull Riders. Skull Riders to be unveiled at the 75th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ taking place August 3-9, 2015. 

Highly steeped in American biker culture, Skull RIders depicts a colorful couple cruising on a motorcycle while symbolically juxtaposed against the American Flag. The bikini clad Skull Rider Woman stares hauntingly at the viewer while the Skull Rider man keeps his eyes steady on the road ahead. Anthony Moman’s daring compositions and eye-popping use of colors explodes off the canvas to the delight of viewers.

According to John Atanasio, Tattoo Tequila CEO & Founder, “The painting is visually spectacular and ruggedly cool. What a kick-ass way for riders to collect an awesome memory from their epic journey and historic event.”

“Anthony Moman is an emerging contemporary artist of great international appeal and growing popularity who defines pop culture from an exciting and provocative perspective.”

Skull Riders commemorative prints will be available for purchase at the Tattoo Tequila Pavilion located next to the Sturgis Liquor Store at the corner of Lazelle Street and First Street in the heart of Sturgis.

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