Tattoo Tequila History

Tequila John Atanasio and Ruben Rodriguez in the Tattoo Tequila distillery

Tattoo Tequila is multi-award winning tequila company and the first to be granted label approval for Organic Tequila Expressions.

Highly Rated: Organic Blanco: 94pts, Organic Reposado: 93pts. & Organic Anejo: 93pts and has been positioned as the 1st Super-Premium Tequila brand in the market.

The company has emerged a as legit leader in the craft spirits industry in the Tequila Region of Jalisco, Mexico.

Tattoo Tequila’s Vision is to craft a new style of tequila… one of higher quality that is delicious & ultra smooth with a elegantly refined taste profile with exceptional complexity.

History of Tattoo Tequila’s Founders

Tequila John Atanasio and Ruben Rodriguez and the history of Tattoo TequilaTequila John meets Ruben Rodriguez a Distillery Executive in Tequila Mexico and they become friends and they share a vision and decide to collaborate and agree to make a Tequila now a decade ago.

Tequila John & Ruben’s mission was to create a super premium organic tequila that used the very highest quality USDA Certified organic Blue Agave.

Main focus Highest Organic Agave and change the approach to fermentation.

Tattoo Tequila sources a very special Belgian Organic Wine / Champagne Yeast that creates a beautifully fragrant, ultra smooth and delicious tequila.

Passion or Obsession

After 21 different taste profiles variations their award winning taste profile was born.

Artistically driven, Tequila John wanted the Tattoo Tequila brand to be about artistic expression. He wanted to connect to how this generation artistically expresses themselves.

Look anywhere and you will see that Tattoos are a mainstream Pop Culture phenomena.

History of our name

Not surprisingly, The Tattoo Tequila name was born during a brainstorming session in a Tattoo shop.

According to Tequila John, “Tattoos are more culturally significant today than any piece of art hanging in any museum.“

Ruben Rodriguez runs the Distilling Operations and is the “Soul” of the company that brings together generations of experience while managing and leveraging friendships that make the business happen.

Violetta Rodriguez, Ruben’s wife manages the operations side of our tequila production as well as regulatory, logistics and inventory.

For Tequila John & Ruben making Tequila is everything.

One word sums it all up: Chingon.
(Spanish Slang: Bad Ass)

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